Foundation Course ( BVA ) :

It is one year  (Two Semesters) duration;  the foundation is Common to all  the specialization except the Art History specialization. As implied,  the Foundation Course provides instruction to lay the base for the specialization :


2)Modeling and Sculpture

3)Applied Art and Design

4)Print Making

5)Pottery & Ceramics / Traditional Sculpture

6)Indian Painting

Foundation Theory Subjects :

1)The Story of Art & Civilization


3)MIL (Oriya) / Alternative English



Specialization Theory :

1)History of Art

BVA Specialization Course :

After completion of the Foundation course successfully, one may only go for Specialization Course.

The Specialization Course offered as follows :

1)Applied Art and Design


3)Modeling and Sculpture

Specialization Theory :

1)History of Art

2)Art & Aesthetics

2)Art & Aesthetics